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Records Request Form


Please fill out the Records Request Form below.
If you haven't already done so, please pay the $30.00 fee by visiting our Electronic Payment Portal Fees page and clicking the Foothills Fire Payment Portal button.


Itemize each document or piece of information being requested. Be specific as to Document Title, Dates and District personnel and/or other persons involved in the requested documents and communications.
**Please add as many new lines as necessary and number each request field by typing the appropriate number over the "1." placeholder.

Requested Information Itemization
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Fee Charged for Documents Request:

For the research, location, retrieval of documents, and copies, there will be a $30.00 flat fee. Copies for a format other than a standard page (e.g., photographs, large maps, printouts) will be charged at the actual cost of production.

Please indicate how you would like to receive the requested records:


Request (completed form and deposit) received:
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